About Innovative Integrated Curricula

For innovative integrated curricula, the primary concern is not delivery of content but rather experience gained through the curriculum. In a society where information is readily available and workspaces are dynamic, the skills that need to be cultivated, in addition to technical knowledge and critical thinking, include: developing a mindset of growth and continuous self-improvement; valuing and seeking out a diversity of backgrounds, skills and perspectives; and flexibility and adaptability when solving problems rather than working towards a fixed goal.

It is increasingly important to pursue such efforts at curriculum reform as, globally, engineering education is moving towards integrated curricula.  Research in engineering education increasingly promotes the integration of technical and non-technical competencies (often called soft-skills, or generic competencies).  In some institutions, such as Aalborg University in Denmark, such an approach has been utilised for many years.  In some UK institutions such as UCL, partner universities on this application, integrated curricula have been implemented more recently and with much success.  As such, these institutions can provide useful mentorship and advice to South African institutions, as they seek to transition to integrated engineering curricula.

Links to MIT 2018 Report and Kamp Reports and Aalborg programs


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