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Health House is the University of Pretoria, Health Sciences Faculty house. Unique in many ways, health house is one of few student faculty houses defined by and composed of individual sub-houses. Health house is made up of 9 sub-houses- Pulse (medicine), House Nutrix (nursing), House Anapneos (BCMP), Dentistry House, House Physio (physiotherapy), House OT (occupational therapy), House Dietetics, House Radiography and House Sport Science. Each of these sub-houses represent their specific degree programmes with the chair of each sub house standing on the Health House Committee. This ensures that all students are equally and fairly represented in the faculty, despite stark differences between class sizes among different degree programmes.

Health House aims to act as an umbrella body and way of linking the different subhouses and students of the faculty. The goal of Health House and each subhouse is to open a channel of communication between students, lecturers, and faculty administration, while maintaining the responsibility of a faculty house and a standard of excellence. 

Unifying a faculty is no easy task and certaininly not one that can be achieved overnight, however there is progress being made. Over the years, Health House has made great strides towards estalising platforms of intergration between the various sub-house committees as well as with other student faculty houses at the university. This has been accomplished by embarking on the camp held by the Department of Student Affairs for all student faculty houses.

As Health House and students under the Faculty of Health Sciences, we feel that unity and a cohesive networking platform in all facets- for example cultural, social and racial backgrounds- is imperative to the success of not only our academics, but as future practioners as well. As students in our faculty with so much in common, we often pass each other in the corridors, sit next to each other in the cafeteria or stand around the same bed treating a patient, making the need to interact so much more valuable. Building this ideal culture of mutual respect is time consuming and requires significant effort, but with our commitment as future practioners to the care of others, now is the time to join hands and foster these ties for a better, healthier and successful journey in our faculty and beyond.

Published by Calyn Reddy

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