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The 5Vs of publications in the SOHCS 1. Visibility In line with the internationalisation goal of UP, our publications shall be targeted at highly ranked international journals, where our research will be visible to top researchers globally. 2. Value (money money) – Journals of our publications shall be those of high impact accredited by the DoHET, and - Mainly ISI 3. Volumes of articles (numbers) The university's research intensive mission dictates high numbers of publications. While we acknowledge that numbers are needed, quality must not be compromised for numbers. The numbers we produce shall be ISI and/or DoHET journals. If a reputable high impact journal is not on the DoHET list, we will still target it for the visibility 4. Variety (scope) – Articles to cover all three core areas of function (Research, teaching and community engagement) - Publish in other forms (books and/or chapters, patents etc.) 5. Velocity –Publication speed NB. Target publications of good reputation with fast turnaround times. Writing support need to fast-track the volumes of varied publications of value. Time from initial submission to publication to be monitored by departments and reported on a monthly basis to the school office. (Departmental spread sheets to be supplied and project monitoring to be backdated to January 2016)

—DJ Mothabeng

Research in the School of Health Care Sciences

Welcome to the University of Pretoria's Research in the School of Healthcare Sciences


Welcome to the research and postgraduate page of the School of Healthcare Sciences (SoHCS).  The SoHCS at the University of Pretoria is made up of the Departments of Nursing Science, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, and Radiography. The SoHCS supports the University’s endeavour to be a world-class research intensive African university. We also aim to become part of the international community of scholarly institutions and we endeavour to develop scholarly researchers who will contribute to better health care and through high quality and high impact multidisciplinary and discipline specific research.

Apart from the research that is conducted in the different departments, a large variety of postgraduate studies at Masters and PhD level are offered in all the departments.  Detailed information on the programmes is available from the various departmental research and postgraduate webpages – please contact us if you need further assistance.  We trust that you will enjoy being a student and researcher in the School of Health Care Sciences.


Research Coordinator: Professor Joyce Mothabeng

BSc Physiotherapy (MEDUNSA)

Diploma in Tertiary Education (UP)

Master of Physiotherapy – Education (UP)

PhD Physiotherapy – Rehabilitation (UP)

Programme for Academic Leadership (GIBS)

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