Level 4 - 7 Programme

Level 4 and higher Programmes. We offer the South Africa Gymnastics Federations’ Men’s Artistic (MAG), Women’s Artistic (WAG) and Rhythmic Participation programmes. Currently we only offer this at the TUKS branch. 
The Level 4+  programmes fall within the Participation’s Domain and the SAGF applies the principles of the “Learn to Train” and “Train to Train” phases of the Long-Term Participants Development (LTPD) Programme, as most of the gymnasts participating in this programme range from 10 years and older. 

This is the SAGF’s competitive programme and gymnasts endeavour to qualify to compete at the National Gymnastics Games. 
Gymnast can also access the Talent and High-Performance programmes if they can achieve the entry requirements of these programmes.  Progression from one level to another is directly related to performance and improvement.  With moving up in the levels the demands become higher both in the intensity of training and the commitment levels of the gymnast.
The focus of this program is individual PERFORMANCE.  It is important that gymnasts and parents understand that a gymnast should only move up to the next level when they are ready.  The goal should be to comply with all the requirements of the level they compete in and do well in that section before moving up. 
The Participation Programme consists out of the following: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics - Level 4 to 8 and from Level 8 they can progress to Level 9, Olympic Entry and Junior Olympic, which all falls within the Talent Domain. Men’s Artistic Gymnastics - Level 4 to 7, from Level 7 they can progress to Level 8 which falls within the Talent Domain.  Rhythmic Gymnastics – Level 4 to 7, from Level 7 they can progress to Level 8 which falls within the Talent Domain.
The Competition season for this programme runs from August to the end of September every year. The competitions in the Participation programme end with the National Gymnastics Games in the first week of the October break every year. The season starts with Club and/or Interclub competitions, moving on to the District (Gauteng North) and Province (Gauteng) qualifying competitions and ultimately culminates in the National Gymnastics Games. 
MOVING FROM ONE LEVEL TO THE NEXT - TuksGymnastics’ policy is that a gymnast must compete at the National Gymnastics Games and achieve at least an average (AA) of 8.00 in their execution score and comply with the routine requirements for the next level in order to move up.  Gymnasts who achieve the 8.00 execution score will be moved to the next level if they are prepared to comply with the increased training hours and work on the next levels requirements. 
Gymnasts that do not achieve the requirements of the NEW Level by the first of July in the year of the competition, will be moved back to a lower Level.  Training will take place during the July holidays in preparation for the Competition season.


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