Tumble Teddy Bear: Pre-school Gymnastics Programme

Louis Fourie developed the Tumble Teddy Bear Pre-school Gymnastics Programme as a comprehensive fundamental movement and skill development programme that operates within and under the principles of the active start stage of the Long-Term Participation Development (LTPD) Programme.

This programme uses gymnastics aa s vehicle to develop the 6 Dominant Movement Patterns (DMP) (balance, loco-motor, landings, jumps, swings and rotations) through structured and unstructured play.

The programme goal is to ensure that the learners achieve the basic motor skills needed at the various stages of development as suggested by Occupational Therapists, in addition to these, learners must endeavour to achieve 10 basic gymnastics skills by the end of grade R.

Learners work towards achieving the following certificates:

  • TTB Blue Badge  - for Grade RRR pupils
  • TTB Yellow Badge - for Grade RR pupils
  • TTB Red Badge - for Grade R pupils

Once a student has achieved the Red Badge he/she will move to one of the following two programmes depending on readiness. Club management will determine this taking only in consideration the learner’s total well-being:

UNIFORM NEEDED – Tumble Teddy Bear T-shirt and shorts

Classes are 45 minutes twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays.


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