Enteric Virus and Environmental Virology Research Group

The Enteric Virus and Environmental Virology research group is part of the Department of Medical Virology at the University of Pretoria. The research focus is on studying the epidemiology and diversity of enteric viruses, including gastroenteritis viruses, enteroviruses and hepatitis E virus in hospitalised children and in the environment. Wastewater surveillance is used to determine the occurrence and diversity of these viruses in the community. The research group is managed by Prof Janet Mans and Dr Walda van Zyl each with their own specific research interest. Prof Mans focuses on norovirus epidemiology and genetic diversity and is also involved in environmental surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 variants. Dr van Zyl concentrates on the epidemiology of human adenoviruses, enteroviruses and rotaviruses.


Mission of Enteric Virus and Environmental Virology Research Group

The mission of the research group is to establish parallel surveillance programs for enteric viruses in the clinical setting and in wastewater to understand the dynamic genetic diversity of these viruses.


Vision of Enteric Virus and Environmental Virology Research Group

Our vision is to study enteric viruses, and in particular gastroenteritis viruses in a comprehensive manner to generate knowledge on the circulating viruses in the paediatric population and wider community to inform vaccine development efforts for these viruses.



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