Zoonotic Arbo- and Respiratory Virus (ZARV) Research Group

The Zoonotic Arbo- and Respiratory Virus group uses a One Health approach to investigate zoonotic vector borne and respiratory viruses in humans, animals, and the mosquito vectors. Virologists in the group work closely with epidemiologists, medical entomologists, veterinary pathologists, and clinical researchers to investigate these viruses in clinical specimens from animals and humans as well as vectors collected around outbreaks. The group’s main focus is zoonotic arboviruses including flaviviruses, alphaviruses and bunyaviruses associated with neurological infections and unsolved deaths in humans and animals as well as respiratory viruses transmitted from animals to humans or between humans to cause severe acute respiratory disease including pneumo-, paramyxo, corona (Including COVID19) and influenza viruses. The group has a broad focus on disease surveillance; epidemiology, molecular epidemiology and immunology; and ecology of endemic and emerging viruses as well as development of novel diagnostic tools, viral pathogenesis viral discovery and control measures. 


The group collaborates with local and international researchers, including partners from EU, US and other African countries.  


Mission of ZARV:
One Health syndromic surveillance for acute respiratory, febrile, and neurological disease of unknown origin in humans and animals and vectors and investigate the molecular epidemiology and genomics of respiratory viruses including COVID-19 and arboviruses viruses in Africa.


Vision of ZARV:
To conduct state of the art research on emerging and re-emerging vector borne and respiratory viruses as part of epidemic and pandemic preparedness and raise awareness of the importance of these viruses in among public health and medical and veterinary professionals and the public in Africa and Globally. 


ZARV website: https://www.up.ac.za/zoonotic-arbo-and-respiratory-virus-program

ZARV facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100072494463214





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