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Recent Publications

Emily Mac Gregor

A Scoping Review of Supply Chain Management Systems for Point of Care Diagnostic Services: Optimising COVID-19 Testing Capacity in Resource-Limited Settings (Click here to access

Alecia Brits

​Evidence of TB Services at Primary Healthcare Level during COVID-19: A Scoping Review (Click here to access)​ 

Fatima Mustafa and Lourens Koekemoer

Successful antibiotic stewardship in hospitalised children in a developing nation (Click here to access

Michiel Koortzen

Final-year medical students need to know their future supervisory role of clinical associates (Click here to access)


Recent Submissions to Peer-Reviewed Journals

Leah Maidment and Carl Heese

A Current understanding of maternal healthcare acceptability: scoping review (Submitted to Meta-Psychology)

Puzzler Mokoena

A Scoping Review Protocol for Use and Acceptability of Human Papillomavirus Self-Sampling for Cervical Cancer screening in Sub-Saharan Africa (Under review, BMJ open)

Brian van Niekerk

Mapping evidence of self-sampling interventions for the diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections in women (Under review, BMJ open)


Research in progress

Vanessa Annor

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Interventions in Schools for Effective Pandemic Response in Low and Middle- Income Countries

Tronel Visser

The prevalence and treatment options of melasma as well as its associations with quality of life in darker skin types: a scoping review

Wendjisuvera Kavezuva

Scoping review on co-supervision of postgraduate students

Zandre Hollamby

Use of Digital Simulation Applications in Medical Science Education: A Scoping Review Protocol

Senele Zitha

Somatology practices in non-medical treatments: towards development of good practice guidelines for somatology in South Africa

Dakalo Ramali

Mapping evidence of community health workers providing physical rehabilitation services in Sub-saharan Africa: a scoping review

Busisiwe Jiane

Cervical cancer diagnosis, prevention and management among HIV-seropositive women in sub-Saharan Africa: Scoping review protocol

Emily Mac Gregor

Cost and cost-effectiveness of e-Learning interventions for healthcare workers in low and middle income countries: A protocol for systematic reviews and meta-analysis

Natasha Kuhn, Shania Richardson, Kiara Memdutt, Vanessa Gxekwa, Sudhita Sithlu, Beulah Jera, Nicola Engelbrecht and Tronel Visser

Prevelance of COVID-19 antibodies in Pregnant women in the Tshwane District

Gabrielle Thompson

Prevelance The use of transcranial magnetic stimularion as treatmenr for migraines in adults: a scoping review


International Conferences 

Michael Stark

In November 2021 Michael Stark presented at the Falling Walls Lab finale in Berlin Germany after placing 1st in the Falling Walls Lab competition in Cape Town. In this science compeition he competed against multiple doctors, professors, and PhD students. His presentation was with regards to his startup synthetic biology company called ImmunoFeed, which leverages the powers of artificial intelligence and molecular farming to combat the rise of zoonotic viruses with pandemic potential. He was the youngest participant in the entire competition and one of the only undergrduates. To watch Michael's pitch please use the following link.




Published by Michael Stark

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