Research Roadmap


Research Tools

Reading scientific papers

  • How to read and learn from scientific literature , even if you are not an expert.  To learn more please click here

Research Guide: Writing support

  • This guide provides students with the tips and tools necessary to complete their research. For more information on the research guide click here.

Library databases 

  • Library databases are a large collection of electronic information where users can search and access literature related to their research topic. There are 36 databases in the Faculty of Health Sciences that can be used to search for information. Library databases are accessible on and off-campus 24/7 by using your portal username and password. Find the databases here.

Protocol vs Proposal

  • Do not confuse a research proposal with a research protocol. A proposal is meant to persuade your instructor, peers, or a grant-making committee, while a research protocol is meant to detail a study's methodology to meet specified ethical norms for animal and human subjects.

  • If you want more information on what a protocol is click here.

  • Find Research Protocol guidelines here.  

Literature Review

  • A literature review is an examination of the existing research publications on the topic area of a new study, to discuss their theorizing, research designs, data collection methods, findings, strengths, limitations, and contexts as relevant to the new study. This often includes the researcher’s own views, observations, and alternative explanations to the findings as to what other factors may have given rise to those findings.

    To read more on literature reviews click here.


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