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#TuksRugby: New management team wants to restore TuksRugby’s pride
2 November 2017

The new top management of TuksRugby has one thing in common, and that is to restore the pride and reputation of the once feared "Striped-Up Team".

After last week's AGM  Prof. Susan Adendorff (president), Theuns Reynolds (chairman) and Gert-Andries van der Merwe (vice-chairman) are now in charge of TuksRugby. 

Adendorf, the University’s director of facility management, replaces Wynand Claassen (former Springbok captain) as president.

Claassen, who has been one of TuksRugby staunchest supporters over the last few decades decided to retire. 

Adendorff made Tuks Sports history when she was appointed the club's first female president. 

It just takes a brief conversation with Adendorff to realise that she is more than knowledgeable about rugby. 
According to her one of her first memories is being on the sidelines of the rugby fields when Tuks played due to both her parents being intimately involved with TuksRugby when she was still a youngster.

Adendorff readily admits every time she sees Tuks play she gets a warm feeling of pride. 

Toby Sutcliffe, acting director of TuksSport, does not doubt that Adendorff, whom he describes as a formidable woman, has what it takes to revive the ailing club to its former glory. 

This year is the first time since 2000 that TuksRugby was not able to win a single Carlton League-title. 

Reynolds said he got involved with TuksRugby because he wants to make a difference. With the help of various role players, he wants TuksRugby to again become one of the pacesetters in the Carlton League as well as in South African student rugby.

"Our rivals don't respect us anymore. That is something we need to rectify." 

Sutcliffe was full of praise for the role Sias van den Berg played in his ten years as TuksRugby chairman.
According to Sutcliffe, it is essential to try and hold on to Van den Berg and Claassen’s expertise.  He wants both of them to serve on the TuksSport Advisory Board soon to be established. Once the club's constitution has been changed, they would both become lifelong honorary members of TuksRugby. 

Van der Merwe makes a welcome return to TuksRugby. He used to found himself outside the TuksRugby environment through his involvement with first Pretoria Police and then Quins-Bobbies. In his playing days, he represented UP-Tuks 1 in 97 games.


- Author Wilhelm de Swardt/ Original by Morris Gilbert
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TuksRugby New Management: Theuns Reynolds (chairman), Toby Sutcliffe, acting Director TuksSport & Prof Susan Adendorff (president); PHOTO: Jaco Joubert (TuksSport)