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On-line Club Membership Application (Guests) & Fee Structure



At TuksSport we do not only focus on top performers but are also committed to club participation and recreational participants.  With more than 30 sport clubs, TuksSport offers a home for the professional, student and sport enthusiast to train and compete in a fun-filled and secure environment supported by exceptional coaches and trainers.  Click here to see all Sport Clubs on offer.


This application is ONLY for 'guest' applicants who are NOT a staff member or a registered student of the University of Pretoria but want to join one of the Sport Clubs, please click on the button to apply. 

PLEASE NOTE:  As soon as your membership has been approved you'll be authorised to sign-in to the TuksSport application via the UP Portal.

Students and staff should use the TuksSport application via UP Portal to apply.                                
Student Account Payments:  Only a maximum of R500.00 is allowed to be debited to your student account (only 1 Club).

Please note when making payments: 

  • You cannot make any payment for membership until you have received your EMPLID via e-mail as you will need the numbers as your payment reference.
  • Ensure that you indicate the Correct Club Name (PURPOSE) before making payment.
  • Ensure that you have the correct annual fee for that specific club before you make the payment.
  • Please apply separately for each club if you want to join more than 1 Club.
  • If you prefer you may do cash payments at the TuksSport Cashier at the Sport Campus or you may do an EFT or credit card payment.
  • Ensure that you always quote your EMPLID as your reference when making a payment.  The University of Pretoria cannot take responsibility for payments without reference “EMPLID”.
  • Please ensure that you attend to correspondence & e-mails, and act accordingly as time spans are linked to the process of finalising your application.
  • Please ensure that you provide your correct regular e-mail address where all correspondence can be mailed to.
Please consult the Annual Membership Fee Structure tabelled below where all the Clubs on offer at TuksSport are listed with their respective annual membership fees for the year.
To pay the applicable membership fee for the club of your choice click on the Club Name Button in the Credit Card Payment Column to proceed.  
Club Name Club Fees (R) Season Credit Card Payment per Club
Aikido 175.00 Jan - Dec
Archery Senior 750.00 Jan - Dec
Archery Junior 350.00 Jan - Dec
Athletics Track & Field (T& F) Bursary Students 350.00 Jan - Dec
Athletics Track & Field Students 600.00 Jan - Dec
Athletics Track & Field Scholars 1000.00 Jan - Dec
Athletics Track & Field Seniors 750.00 Jan - Dec
Athletics Road Running 650.00 Jan - Dec
Badminton 1100.00 Jan - Dec
Badminton Social 550.00 Jan - Dec
Basketball Seniors/Students  1000.00 Jan - Dec
Basketball Junior Full Member 500.00 Jan - Dec
Basketball Junior per Term 900.00 Jan - Dec
Canoe 500.00 Apr - Mar
Chess 500.00 Jan - Dec
Cricket Men 850.00 Aug - Mar
Cricket Women 850.00 Aug - Mar
Cricket Juniors 1750.00 Aug - Mar
Cycling 500.00 Jan - Dec
Dance 500.00 Jan - Dec
Exploratio Students 500.00 Jan - Dec
Exploratio Non-students 600.00 Jan - Dec
Fencing Senior   650.00 Jan - Dec
Football Junior & Senior 500.00 Jan - Dec
Golf  Non-Students 341.00 Jan - Dec
Gymnastics Juniors 400.00 Jan - Dec
Gymnastics Students 400.00 Jan - Dec
Hockey Seniors 1800.00 Jan - Dec
Hockey Juniors 1600.00 Jan - Dec
Judo Senior 650.00 Jan - Dec
Judo Junior 350.00 Jan - Dec
Judo Social 350.00 Jan - Dec
Karate 350.00 Jan - Dec
MindSport 290.00 Jan - Dec
Jujitsu 300.00 Jan - Dec
Netball Seniors 900.00 Jan - Dec
Netball Juniors 500.00 Jan - Dec
Netball High Performance (HP) 1100.00 Jan - Dec
Orienteering 500.00 Jan - Dec
RingTennis  150.00 Jan - Dec
Rowing Students 1800.00 Jan - Dec
Rowing Non-Students 1200.00 Jan - Dec
Rugby Students 300.00 Jan - Dec
Rugby Youth 700.00 Jan - Dec
Rugby Ladies    300.00 Jan - Dec
Softball Senior 757.00 Jul - Mar
Softball Junior 455.00 Jul - Mar
Squash Students 500.00 Jan - Dec
Squash Staff/Alumni 800.00 Jan - Dec
Squash Non-Students 1000.00 Jan - Dec
Swimming Competitive 1150.00 May - Apr
Swimming Non-competitive 950.00 May - Apr
Swimming Non-competitive Beginners 600.00 May - Apr
Swimming Lifesaving 800.00 Sep - Aug
Swimming Learn-to-swim 375.00 May - Apr
Taekwondo   400.00 Jan - Dec
Tennis Senior 550.00 Jan - Dec
Tennis Junior 400.00 Jan - Dec
Tennis Other/Staff/Alumni 700.00 Jan - Dec
Trampoline 150.00 Jan - Dec
Triathlon 850.00 Sep - Aug
TuksUltimate Non-Students 450.00 Jan - Dec
TuksUltimate Students 350.00 Jan - Dec
Underwater Sport Seniors 828.00 Sep - Aug
Underwater Sport Juniors 525.00 Sep - Aug
Underwater Sport Students 640.00 Sep - Aug
Volleyball 660.00 Jan - Dec
Volleyball Development 550.00 Jan - Dec
Waterpolo Competitive 1150.00 May - Apr
Waterpolo Scholar 350.00 May - Apr
Wrestling 180.00 Jan - Dec


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