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TURF Health, or the Tuks Undergraduate Research Forum - Health, is a platform for students of the Faculty of Health Science at the University of Pretoria with the aim to simplify the all-to-easily intimidating world of research and to orchestrate undergrad research initiatives. 

We hope to accomplish this by monthly talks on aspects of Health research, ranging from where to begin to involving you in current research undertakings by the University and its affiliated hospitals.

Our Mission

To support the research experience of undergraduate students, enhance their research-related competencies as specified by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and ultimately create a sustainable platform at the Faculty of Health Sciences for students that are interested in research.


Student-focussed/driven/centred: will be represented by Ms Michelle Marx who will ensure that student research needs are highlighted to the relevant academic aspects and also coordinate communication until appropriate channels are created. ​

Trans-disciplinary: will include any undergraduate students in the Faculty of Health Sciences appropriate timelines for abstract submission, funding deadlines etc.

Alignment: to other structures such as the Public health Special Interest Group, Junior PHASA; to appropriate timelines for abstract submission, funding deadlines etc. 

Faculty supported: by the Faculty of Research and PH coordinator (SHSPH); where students fulfil criteria for research and conference acceptance, and where funding is available, the process for individual funding support will be activated.

Model for sustainability: long-term output of a research directory and protected research time for students 

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