Brilliant Habeenzu
Study Level: PhD (Electronic Engineering)
Topic: Charecterization and modelling of ionizing radiation degradation of small signal characteristics at microwave frequencies on Si CMOS and SiGe HBT devices.

Sagougo Minko Flavien
Study Level:  PhD (Electronics)
Topic: "Broadband, radiation hardened mm-wave components for space based sun observation instruments'.












Edward Hunter

Study level: M.Eng (Microelectronic Engineering)
Topic: "Improving the efficiency of mm-wave circular arrays with radial power combiners."

Hannes Venter
Study Level: M.Eng (Microelectronic Engineering)

Topic: Broadband phase shifters for multi-band, multi-beam active electronically steered phased array systems.

Broadband microelectronic phase shifters are required for phased array synthesis. Different array patterns may be realized at different frequencies (re-using the physical aperture at different bands). The aim of this project is to develop methods to improve current system capabilities; with a focus on miniaturization, and synthesis of dispersive phase networks to aid the development of aperture re-use phased array systems. 


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