Uncooled MEMS IR Sensor (Bolometer)


This is a TIA / DST funded research and development project consisting of a number of industry and academic consortium members. The primary focus areas of the Carl Emily Fuchs Institute for Micro-Electronics (CEFIM) members are the design, development, characterisation and measurement of the IR sensor elements, consisting of

* the development and manufacturing steps and processes,

* the thermoelectric modeling of the sensors, including the development of novel theoretical models, multi-physics FEM simulation modeling as well as the SPICE modeling,

* experimental parameter extraction techniques and the development of the necessary experimental setups.

Even though some of these techniques are already well published, new techniques have been proposed and will be investigated for a novel sensor design.

Further to the sensor characterisation, a significant research scope exists specifically for the novel dual element sensor in the areas of

* Analogue readout electronics

* Offset error compensation

* Digital signal processing of thermal images

Although the current MEMS focus is mostly on thermal imaging and IR sensors, there is also the potential for RF MEMS, inertial sensors, acoustic and ultrasonic actuators and Bio MEMS. Please feel free to contact us if you have a specific interest in these areas.


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