EBIT Advising/Coaching

The EBIT ASC team prides itself in being Empathetic toward our students , Proactive and Innovative in our advising practice.

As a result, we are always listening and paying attention to what students need and looking for creative and relevant wasys we can improve our services to best supporting You, the  EBIT student, as best as possible.



The EBIT ASC team comprises of 5 trained professionals that are invested and passionate about providing wholistic support to EBIT students. the team strives to ensure seamless transition into university, continued support through academic journey and successful completion of your degree. We Care about your well-being



We believe in empowering EBIT students to take charge of their academic journey. This involves proper planning, anticipating challenges and devising suitable possible solutions. We are always working on providing support that will at least help students avoid failing or make an early recovery.


We pride ourselves in working tirelessly to find modern, relevant and new ideas that will help improve our services. We are always willing to take feedback and employ creative means to ensure effective support for  the EBIT students. 



What students say:

Daneil Oduma: BEng Chemical Engineering

Today, I can proudly say that I have completed my BEng degree in Chemical Engineering. When I think about how far I have come, one thing stands true: "I can't believe I made it this far." I remember when I was struggling terribly with juggling between my three jobs, PTSD, and studies. The road ahead seemed impossible. In fact, I thought about giving up. But I'd always be grateful to God that I decided to talk to an ASCand give it one last shot so I'd have no regrets.
I remember how warm, caring, and understanding the ASC was towards me. She taught me how to manage my stress, how to plan my time, and how to study. I recall leaving her office with newfound strength and hope. Over time, with continuous guidance from the ASC, not only did my academics improve, but my overall well-being did as well. More importantly, even now, I believe that I am better equipped to handle whatever life throws my way.
In a nutshell, I strongly believe that I wouldn't have made it this far without the ASC's support; they are invaluable.

Nthati Rampa: Bsc Computer Science- Final Year

My sessions with my ASC looked at my holistic being. We discussed the various facets of my life, how they are connected and how they affect my academics. My ASc equipped me with tools to manage my stressors and organise my time.

 Workshops offered by the faculty ASCs are a great help for students in need of assistance. They dial in on the challenges that students face and address those challenges with care and casualness that alleviates the stress that students face.


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