Research Projects

Prof Daniël P Veldsman

  • Expert Seminar, Protestantse Universiteit, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • ESSSAT; TSSA; NGTT; Verbum et Ecclesia

Dr Gys Loubser 

  • Whole brain spirituality in light of transdisciplinary theology

This is a research project aimed at gathering information on the spiritual emphasis and uses in Dutch Reformed Church congregations. Solutionsfinding will gather the information by means of a web-based questionnaire. Dr. Gys M. Loubser will utilise the information in two ways. First, the information will be used to identify the spiritual preferences of DRC congregations in relation to the development of transdisciplinary theologians. Second, the information will be used to investigate the emerging spiritual communities outside the dogmatic contours of the DRC.

Dr Tanya van Wyk

  • Political Theology:

Interdisciplinary research on the global nature of political theology. This includes an examination of the role of religion, the form and function of confession/ prophetic witness and the relationship between and the responsibility of the church and the citizen/state/nation. It is about ‘how faith matters’ and includes aspects of public theology.

  • Reconciling Diversity:

From Trinitarian theological and theological anthropology perspectives, the project focusses on issues of identity, difference and faith within the church.

  • Theology of death’

The project aims are connections between interdisciplinary perspectives on death and dying, including the history of the development of ideas about death (theology-history), eschatology, soteriology and theological anthropology and ethics. Its focus is a multifaceted approach to a theology of life and death.  

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