Research Projects 

Year No Student Title Collaborator
2019 141 Wadan, RS Evaluation of ballast wing wall performance at transition zones using the finite element method TFR
  140 Van Schalkwyk, MH The use of drone photogrammetry for measuring track gauge TFR
  139 Skosana, SS The relationship between ambient temperature and PY Slab track on a concrete bridge deck TFR
  138 Ramroop, T Strain measurements of railway track using strain gauges and particle image velocimetry TFR
  137 Perez, SM Investigating parameter alterations that could reduce the cost of the PRASA PY slab track PRASA
  136 Maja, T The effect of simulated environmental factors on the accuracy of remote video monitoring TFR
  135 Kegakilwe, MT The effects of crib ballast depth on rail track lateral resistance TFR
  134 James, K The effect of cyclic loads on the ballast particle movement TFR
  133 Hazell, MG The effect of the initial moisture state and soil type on the equilibrium of a porous ceramic disk sensor TFR
  132 Hawley, CJ Equilibration of fixed-matrix porous ceramic disc sensors at low water content TFR
  131 Goodbrand, CE Measurement of track geometry using drone photogrammetry in PY track slabs TFR
  130 Dirker, A Investigating the deterioration and design life of Under-Sleeper pads TFR
  129 Bao, Y The effect of sleeper spacing and ballast depth on the induced stresses in a track structure PRASA
2018 128 Vers, D Displacement behaviour of a rail expansion joint due to temperature loading TFR
  127 Van Niekerk, JO The effectiveness of a transition slab to reduce differential track deflection at bridge approaches TFR/TGC
  126 Pieterse, J The effect of stiffness of under-sleeper pads on track structure settlement TFR
  125 Pienaar, D Investigation of the effect of sleeper shape and spacing on the induced stress in a track structure TFR/TGC
  124 Ncolosi, N Ballast glue as a solution to excessive track deformation Gautrain
  123 Mokgokong, M Horizontal equilibration of pore-water pressure measurement in railway formation TFR
  122 Malatse, R The effect of polymer reinforced ballast on the lateral resistance of a railway track structure TFR
  121 Majawa, R The relationship between air and rail temperature in continuously welded rails TFR
  120 Louw, D Detemining the stress-free temperature in rail by measurering vibration response TFR
  119 Huma, T Determining the rail deflection behaviourof rails on a PY slab RCE
  118 Do Couto, M Investigation into the relationship between track geometry and riding quality measurements Gautrain
  117 Delport,A Increasing the remaining useful life at transitions zones by reinforcing ballast with rigid polyurethane foam TFR/PRASA
  116 De Bruyn, J The evaluation of triaxial geogrid performance in railway formation TFR
  115 Botha, I An experimental investigation of the effect of heat affected zones in rail welds under vertical flexural fatigue TFR
  114 Atong, G A comparative investigation into the effect of lateral forces on different track structures TFR
  113 Allen, A The relationship between the expansion of a bridge deck,  PY slab track and ambient air temperature TFR/TGC
2017 112 Meyer, E.M. Moveable Point Behaviour Under Variable Train Speeds and Directions on Sonneville Low Vibration Track Gautrain
  111 Els, R.D. Unsaturated Soils Under Cyclic Loading in Shallow Foundations Transnet
  110 Scheepers, V.G. The Relationship Between Pore Pressure, Moisture Content and Expected Track Performance  
  109 Schumann, M Analysis of Vibration Mitigation Between Ballasted Track, Tubular Modular Track and PY Slab Track UP
  108 Jans Steyn, A The Effect of Repetitive Loading on Rounded Ballast Deflection UP
  107 Oosthuizen, E Deformation Measurement of Railway Track Using Strain Gauges and Particle Image Velocimetry UP
  106 Steyl, S The Influence of Track Geometry on the Station-Platform Gap RSR
  105 Adrian van Jaarsveldt S. Parametric railway track structure optimisation Transnet
  104 Du Preez M. The air and rail temperature relationship UP
  103 Mago N.M Wheel load measurement using remote video monitoring Transnet
  102 Mudau L. The design life and deterioration of under sleeper pads on railway lines UP
  101 Joubert J.P. The effects of fouling on the settlement of ballast UP
  100 Stopforth W.L.R Investigating the performance of Transition beam installations on Heavy Haul lines using the Finite Element method Transnet
2016 99 Turner, CL The effect of ballast grading on the settlement of rigid polyurethane foam reinforced ballast UP
  98 Myoya, RL The use of telematics devices for measuring track geometry parameters Gautrain
  97 Goga, I The young's modulus of a multi-layered track formation UP
  96 Brits, JJ Wheel load determination on a railway track by the use of particle image velocimetry  
  95 Coetzee, D The use of special remote sensors to measure ride quality on rail Gautrain
  94 De Faria, OG The use of geophysical instrumentation to measure the vertical deflection of a track  
  93 Hlasane, MA Using under sleeper pads to optimise ballast depth  
  92 Khan, W Monitoring track geometry using telematics device  
  91 Pillay, SJ The use of re-worked cement-soil as an alternative substructure material in railroad formation construction  
  90 Van Der Westhuizen, JF A comparitive study into the setting time and strength of grout used in tubular modular track Tubular Track
2015 89 Van Eunen, T Analysing the use of a cell phone to measure the ride quality of the Gautrain Gautrain
  88 Roets, T The effects of the increase of crack width in the slabs on the Gautrain slab track system Gautrain
  87 Ravjee, S An evaluation of the existing methods used to approximate the track modulus by determining the relationship TFR
  86 Papavarnavas, P The change in under sleeper pad properties under dynamic loads TFR
  85 Netshisaulu, L The effect of different rail pads on rail creep through tubular modular track modules Tubular Track
  84 Malan, JP Study on the linearity of the load deflection curve and the track stiffness response of the track substructure under axle loading TFR
  83 Mabotha, T Validation of the relationship between speed, wheel load, super elevation and  lateral forces in railway curves Gautrain
  82 Kemp, L Railway track component deformation measurements using particle image velocimetry TFR
  81 Karemaker, A Comparing the deflection characteristics between conventional and ballastless track TFR
  80 Jideani, TCU The use of under-sleeper pads to reduce the dynamic loading effects on a railway track structure Getzner
  79 Holdt, M The equivalence of railhead rotation of tubular modular track and conventional track due to lateral loading Tubulat Track
  78 Heenop, T Validation of the relationship bewteen speed and lateral forces in railway curves Gautrain
  77 Hansen, RW Analysing the noise and vibration between conventional track and tubular modular track Tubular Track
  76 Clack, A Evaluation of  the effect of thick geotextiles on track stiffness TFR
  75 Broeders, M The comparison of remote video monitoring to the integration measurements of geophones TFR
  74 Bennett, J Characterizing seating and loaded stiffness of track ballast by using remote video monitoring  TFR
2014 73 Vandoorne, R Analysing the strain recovery rates of the formation layers beneath a railway track UP/TFR
  72 Van der Westhuizen, W The relationship between coal crushing and track condition on a heavy haul railway line UP/TFR
  71 Thunemann, EQ The use of under-sleeper pads to reduce ballast degradation UP/Getzner
  70 Sebati, MM The use of under-sleeper pads to reduce settlement of concrete sleepers UP/Getzner
  69 Schoeman, PDP The correlation between temperature, related expansion and ride comfort over a rail expansion joint on the Gautrain track Gautrain
  68 Mentz, JD The effect of rail profile on finite element analysis of track structures UP
  67 Mallory, RL A study on the dynamic response of Tubular Modular Track Transitions Tubular Track
  66 Lubbe, H Comparative investigation between remote video monitoring and accelerometers for measuring train-induced accelerations TFR
  65 Ligudu, N Longitudinal rail displacement on conventional ballasted track and Tubular Modular Track UP/TFR/Tubular Track
  64 Kritzinger, H The impact of rail misalignment at track transitions on the deterioration of track and train components UP/TFR
  63 Kok, WJ The effect of ageing on the dynamic properties of rubber bonded cork pads in Tubular Modular Track Tubular Track
  62 Kabeya, KD The stiffness of low vibration track components Gautrain
  61 Human, JW The effects of axle load and type of transition on ride quality at track transitions UP/TFR
  60 Denysschen, HS Comparing laterial forces in curves on Tubular Modular Track with conventional ballasted track Tubular Track
  59 De Jong, MJ The effect of railway ballast particle size distribution on one dimensional loading UP/TFR
  58 Buthelezi, MM The effect of different borehole diameters on the accuracy of Pencel pressuremeter results UP
  57 Brits, JJL The influence of discreet and continuous rail support on effective pad stiffness Tubular Track
  56 Bekker, JH Moisture migration through formation layers of a conventional track structure  UP
2013 55 Labuschangne, A The influence of the crack width on the deflection of Sonneville track slab Gautrain
  54 Mtshotana, BF The influence of under-sleeper pads on sleeper-ballast contact UP
  53 Yates, K Track substructure failure characterisation using Pencel pressuremeter and Light Weight Deflectometer tests TFR
  52 Kganyago, II Effect of different cell fluids and de-aeration on the pressure readings of a pencel pressuremeter UP/TFR
  51 Motlotsi, LJ Pencel Pressuremeter UP
  50 Snyman, LW The use of the pencel pressuremeter to determine the stress dependancy of the track formation modulus UP
  49 Morwaswi, SD A comparison of the lateral and longitudinal resistance of conventional and slab track PRASA/RCE
  48 Du Plooy, RF The effect of continuous support on track deflection: A numerical experiment UP
  47 Rambevha, V Characterization of formation failure with remote video monitoring TFR
  46 Humphrey, GP Assessment of the linearity of the vertical deflection responses of conventional  heavy-haul track TFR
  45 De Meyer, DO The effect of water on the dynamic and static stiffness of the rubber boot and block pad used by Sonneville Gautrain
  44 Chokoe, SM An investigation into corrugations on sharp curves of the Gautrain rail  network Gautrain
  43 Lekalakala, TM The vibration attenuation and stiffness of resilient rail pads for use in Tubular Modular Track Tubular Track
  42 Molepo, MBN Performance of resilient rail pads used in Tubular Modular Track under heavy haul conditions Tubular Track/TFR
  41 Cronje, M The comparison and validation of deflection predictions of the Geotrack model with a field study UP
  40 Bennett, B An investigation into the use of geophysical techniques to detect formation failure TFR
  39 Mchunu, SS An investigation into the deflection bowl of a track formation UP
  38 Ricci, C The dissipation of water in a railway formation and the effect of formation water content on track deflection UP
2012 37 Vivier, P Deterioration analysis and comparison of different track sections on the Gautrain Rapid Rail Track Gautrain
  36 Visser, CP The behaviour and effectiveness of a transition beam sleeper under heavy haul conditions TFR
  35 Underhay, TH The variation of Stress Free Temperature in Continuously welded rail using a rail stress tester TFR
  34 Strauss, J A comparison of the rolling noise caused by rail wheel contact on conventional and Slab track PRASA/RCE
  33 Sithole, ON Evaluation of different types of fluids used in a Pencel Pressuremeter UP/TFR
  32 Ramodike, M The effect of hole diameter on the pressuremeter modulus  UP/TFR
  31 Ngxabani, TT A Comparison of the vibrations on conventional and slab track PRASA/RCE
  30 Ndyamba, AC Assessment of the performance of resilient rail pads in attenuating noise on Tubular Modular Track Tubular Track
  29 Msiza, DE A comparison of the ground vibrations produced by Tubular Modular Track and Conventional Track Tubular Track
  28 Mostert, ML The development of a simplified track modulus calculation procedure TFR
  27 Mosia, VC The influence of different fastening systems in restraining longitudinal rail displacement induced by temperature changes in continuously welded rails TFR
  26 Mathebula, TL The effect of different fasteners and pads on the variation of stress free temperature in continuously welded rails TFR
  25 Makhathini, SZ A comparison of vertical deflection on conventional track and PY slab PRASA/RCE
  24 Mabeba, MS The influence of rail pad material on the damping of vibrations in Tubular Modular Track Tubular Track
  23 Khoza, SE The effect of environmental factors on the relationship between rail and air temperature in continuously welded rails TFR
  22 Jacobs, D The Investigation of the effect of fastening strength on the variation in stress free temperature TFR/Pandrol
  21 Hordijk, MH Attenuation of vibrations on the Gautrain Rapid Rail link Gautrain
2011 20 Raseala, TJ The effects of ballast conditions on the effectiveness of ballast tamping Aveng/Lennings
  19 Mkhonto, PH The effect of moisture conditions on ground penetrating radar results UP
  18 Lubout, N Assessment of the performance of resilient rail pads used in tubular modular track under south african service conditions Tubular Track
  17 Rikhotso, MR The effect of ballast fouling on the effectiveness of track stabilisation Aveng/Lennings
  16 Mugisha, MK The effects of vertical loading on the forces and deflections of tubular track curves Tubular Track
  15 Slabbert, MJA The effect of rigid structures on the stress free temperature in continuously welded rails TFR
  14 Heunis, DW The effect braking has on stress free temperature in continuously welded rails TFR
  13 West, CN Investigation of the best practices of ballasting during new track construction TFR/Capital Projects
  12 Overbury, CM A critical evaluation of the performance of different types of pads in a tubular track structure TFR/Tubular Track
  11 Van Schoor, BM The effect of lateral forces on the structural components of tubular modular track Tubular Track
2010 10 Van Eeden, SJ The efficiency of approach slabs on the gautrain rapid rail track Bombardier
  9 Kalan Makan, PD The effect of grouting the joints between the tubular track concrete modules on the deflection of the concrete beam at the joint Tubular Track
  8 Bhembe, MI The perfomance of tubular track module transitions with dowel bars Tubular Track
  7 Le Grange, LJ Finite element analysis on the formation layers of a railway track structure Esteq
  6 Mkhabela, KP The effect of speed on the horizontal displacement of tubular track curves Tubular track
  5 Lombard, HGC The relationship between permanent and resilient deformation on heavy haul track formations TFR
  4 Mpye, GD The effect of longitudinal rail displacement on the stress-free temperature of continuously welded rails TFR
2009 3 Ramasindi, T Determination of the effect of speed on conventional track deflection TFR
  2 Van Haute, SCA The effect of speed on resilient deflection in conventional track and tubular track Tubular Track
  1 Vorster, DJ The effect of axle load on track and formation resilient deformation under heavy haul conditions TFR

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