Research  Focus Areas

The Chair in Railway Engineering has established itself in the following research areas and intends to continue with under and post-graduate research in these fields. 


No. Research Field Examples of specific research topics
1. Track Structures
  • The performance of conventional ballasted track structures.
  • The performance of non-conventional track structures, e.g. slab track and Tubular Modular Track.
  • Numerical modelling of track structures and vehicle/track interaction.
2. Track Components
  • The performance and characteristics of track components, i.e. foundation layers, ballast, sleepers, pads and rails.
  • Formation failure, repair and investigation.
  • Standard laboratory testing of components. 
  • New developments in track components.
3 Track Instrumentation
  • The development of optical track deflection measurement systems.
  • The development of non-destructive track condition monitoring technologies (e.g. Ground Penetrating Radar). 
  • Stress and strain measurement systems.
4. Continuously Welded Rails
  • The development of new or verification of current stress free temperature measurement technologies. 
  • The effect of external factors on the stress free temperature.
5. Track Maintenance
  • Track maintenance models (e.g. tamping). 
  • Maintenance limits and condition monitoring. 
  • The effectiveness of different maintenance actions and philosophies. 
  • Asset management and maintenance management strategies and philosophies.







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