Emily P Mitchell

Emily P Mitchell

Emily P Mitchell

BA (Biology), BVSc, RCVS, MPhil, Diplomate (ACVP), PhD

 Associate Professor, Pathology; Department of Paraclinical Sciences


Research Sub-theme

Wildlife pathology

Long-term disease surveillance in wildlife is necessary to build reliable information on species-specific normal anatomy, parasites and disease conditions. It is important also to detect new disease outbreaks in good time, identify diseases transmitted to and from humans and understand conditions that affect wildlife welfare, reproduction, meat and hide production to optimise these processes.

Research Projects

  • Detailed necropsy examination of wildlife species, storage of data in a searchable wildlife disease database and storage of diagnostic samples for future research.
  • Conditions affecting the sustainability of captive large felid populations<
  • Pathological features of tuberculosis in wild animals

Research Opportunities


  • Diseases of captive African wild dogs (MSc)
  • Histological features of canine distemper virus infection in wild carnivores (MSc)
  • Histological and molecular aspects of sarcocystosis in wild animals (MSc)
  • Review of pathology of African black-footed cats (MSc)
  • Histological features of tuberculosis in wild animal species (MSc or PhD)
  • One health approach to the epidemiology of avian tuberculosis in an urban setting (PhD)
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