The Centre is involved in a wide range of wildlife research areas, grouped into four research themes:

  1. Wildlife health, production, and food security, which includes wildlife ranching and production, conventional game farming, ostrich and crocodile farming, and aquaculture.

  2. Animal welfare in multi-functional landscapes: improving wildlife veterinary medicine and optimizing the ethical and appropriate handling and treatment of both captive and free-living wildlife.

  3. Conservation medicine and forensics with a focus on threatened flagship species such as rhinoceros (with a separate research strategy and the RHoDis programme of the VGL), elephants, vultures (threat of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), cheetah and pangolin.

  4. Transfrontier conservation areas (TFCA) and the interaction of wildlife and domestic animals, humans and ecosystems, including tick-borne diseases, Orbivirus of animals, food safety and antimicrobial research, and zoonoses.

Within these research themes, projects are grouped by research focus areas and by research groups.

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