Adrian SW Tordiffe

Adrian Tordiffe

Adrian SW Tordiffe

BVSc, MSc (African Mammalogy), PhD (Biochemistry), Veterinary Wildlife Specialist

Associate Professor – Department of Paraclinical Sciences


Research Sub-theme

Cheetah health, welfare and metabolism

The cheetah is a unique and iconic species that has suffered severe population declines in the wild over the last several decades. In captivity, they are often afflicted by chronic lymphoplasmacytic gastritis, various renal diseases and ill-defined neurological disorders. Underlying causes for these health problems have to date not been clearly demonstrated. My research therefore uses a systems biology approach to better understand aspects of cheetah physiology, nutrition, health and welfare.

Research Projects

  • Field anaesthesia of cheetahs and the management of capture induced hyperthermia
  • Improving the safety and success of wild cheetah immobilizations and translocations.
  • Investigating the clinical and metabolic effects of glycine supplementation in cheetahs with lymphoplasmacytic gastritis
  • Investigating the role anda extent of glycine conjugation in the metabolism of xenobiotics and pharmaceutical drugs in cheetahs and other felids
  • Understanding the impact of various management practices on the stress of captive cheetahs
  • Understanding the factors that influence gastric acid production and protein digestion in cheetahs
  • Understanding the production and utilization of creatine in skeletal muscle and other organ systems in cheetahs

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