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The Architecture Archives at the University of Pretoria (AAUP) is a curated aggregation of significant architectural collections, a project for the preservation and interpretation of architectural legacies and an institutional unit for the formalised and specialised management of architectural records. From the flagship collections of Norman Eaton and Gordon McIntosh to the undiscovered items of architectural history hidden in our storage areas, the aim is to safeguard architectural archival heritage, foster research and facilitate informed architectural discussion.


The AAUP is managed within the Department of Architecture at the University of Pretoria (UP) and continues a legacy of custodianship and scholarship that has been established by numerous ‘champions’ of heritage over the last 75 years. The activities of the AAUP are currently directed by Johan Swart as curator, professor Arthur Barker as research coordinator and Oratile Mothoagae as information specialist, while emeritus professor Roger Fisher and Nicholas Clarke act as external advisors.


The Department of Architecture through the AAUP manages its collections autonomously but endeavours are conducted with the institutional support of the University of Pretoria and in partnership with related institutional units such as the Department of Library Services, UP Archives and UP Museums. Regional partnerships and international exchanges further ensure that we operate according to international standards and utilise our collections in line with relevant academic discourse.


Our ongoing projects range from archival practices such as acquisitions and indexing to academic endeavours such as research partnerships and educational integration. Over the last few years, we have facilitated international book productions, established online collections, curated a series of public exhibitions, initiated a postgraduate archive studio and facilitated regional workshops on architectural archiving. The AAUP is open to collaboration and welcomes new partnerships.


Major collections in the AAUP include those of South African architects and researchers such as: John Cleland; Hellmut Stauch; Gordon McIntosh; Norman Eaton; John Fassler; Gerard Moerdyk; John van de Werke; Gustav Schmikl; Jan van Wijk; Wynand Smit; Johan de Ridder; Phillip Nel; Herbert Prins; Sameul Pauw; Ora Joubert; Glen Gallagher; Paul Voutsas; Joanna Walker; Anton du Toit; Tony Doherty; Strauss Brink; Cook & Cowen; Karel Bakker; Alan Lipman; Ivan Sive, Gerhard-Mark van der Waal & Robert de Jong.

In addition to these larger collections, our holdings also include various smaller sets of donated material as well as an extensive range of slides; pamphlets, journals, maps and reports that have been collected and catalogued over the years.


Barker, A., Van Niekerk, K., Swart, J.J. 2015. A record of the Boukunde Architectural Archive. Pretoria: University of Pretoria.

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Barker, A, Van Niekerk, K & Swart, J.J. 2016. The Importance of Architectural Archives. Architecture South Africa: Journal of the South African Institute of Architects, 79(5/6), 6-9.

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Barker, A, Van Niekerk, K & Swart, J.J. 2019.  Archive. In:  Barker, A. ed. Boukunde 75th anniversary of the Department of Architeture, University of Pretoria. Pretoria: University of Pretoria.

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Swart, J.J. 2020. Architecture Archives of the University of Pretoria. Presentation to the University of Pretoria Heritage Committee, 24 July 2020.

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Online collections (UPSpace)

A number of our collections that were received in digital format or that have been digitised over the years are available to the public on UPSpace, the open access repository of the Univeristy of Pretoria’s online repository.
Use these links to browse the online collections:

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Lecturer, Curator of the Archive Collections
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