Plant Science coordinator, 2nd year Design studio master and lecturer


Ida Breed joined the Department of Architecture at the University of Pretoria in 2008 after completing her master’s studies abroad and serving in practice for 5 years. She currently co-ordinates and lectures Plant Science, acts as studio master and teaches second year design. She completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Eucation (dist)(UP) in 2009.




Ida Breed is currently the President of the Institute for Landscpae Architecture in South Africa (ILASA) and serves on the National Executive Committee. She also serves on the Council of the Built Environment (CBE) and their Built Environment Matters Committee. She has acted as a panellist for the South African Landscape Institute (SALI) Awards since 2011 and the ILASA Merit Awards in 2015. Ida has served as a SACLAP validation panellist and has assessed curricula at the University of Cape Town.



Ida Breed was awarded a doctoral degree in 2015 based on research which examines value systems inside the landscape design profession in South Africa and how to operationalise them. The research unites concepts of ecosystem services with human values, and contributes to the limited body of work that focuses on landscape designers as actors in social-ecological systems through green infrastructure design.


In 2003 Ida completed a master’s thesis that was done through a scholarship granted by Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Mexico. She received an award for the highest average in all subjects for her specialization and master’s year of study (2002, 2003). The research considered contextually and culturally appropriate design of public open space. The fieldwork was done in Mamelodi East, Pretoria.


Ida has acted as study leader to M(Prof) and MSc(Research) students.



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