Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute (ALLI)

2025 Applications are Open! and we are waiting for your Application

20 June 2024

A key objective of the Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute is to develop the next generation of responsible leaders. As an emerging field our academic teaching covers both the theory of responsible leadership as well as active development of responsible leaders. We offer 4 degree programmes: a PhD in Leadership, Masters in Responsible Leadership, Masters in Development Practise and Masters with specialisation in Critical Accounting. 

All the information you need about each program is included below. 

1. MPhil in Development Practice 

The one-year MDP@UP uses a hybrid learning approach, introducing participants to the most relevant development theory and practice. This includes online and, if the environment allows, face-to-face learning, leadership service-learning and case study write-up and analysis. The programme is truly multidisciplinary and focuses on the social sciences, health sciences, management sciences and natural sciences.

The MDP@UP is hosted by the Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute and is Africa’s only programme that focuses on building the leadership competencies needed to implement the SDGs. 

Duration of the degree: 1 year
Program Coordinator: Miss Ruvimbo Musiyarira

E-mail address: [email protected]

2. MPhil in Responsible Leadership 
The University of Pretoria’s MPhil in Business Management Option: Responsible leadership is dedicated to continuing the exploration of the important themes and questions within the field of leadership and how it can contribute to promoting the role of business organisations as agents able to create value for society at large.

Duration of the degree1 year

Program Co-ordinator: Ms Carto Abrams-Swarts

E-mail address: [email protected]

3. MPhil with specialisation in Critical Accounting

The MPhil in Critical Accounting offers a unique and intellectually stimulating journey into the world of accounting with a specific focus on its public interest responsibility. Our interdisciplinary approach to research and learning will empower you to become a socially conscious accounting professional. You will develop a keen awareness of the power dynamics at play within financial systems and gain insights into how accounting practices can either reinforce or challenge existing inequalities.

As a student in this program, you will be encouraged to think creatively and independently, exploring innovative solutions to address pressing social and environmental challenges. Your research and coursework will contribute to advancing the field of critical accounting and will have the potential to shape policies and practices that promote transparency, accountability, and sustainability.

Duration of the degree: 1 year

Program Co-ordinator: Dr Tumeka Matshoba-Ramuedzisi

Email address: [email protected]


- Author Elma Akob