Research Focus Areas

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural economics can be broadly defined as the study of how limited resources can be utilised to feed and clothe an ever-increasing world population. Agricultural economists are therefore concerned with the economic and financial issues related to farming, agricultural food chains and the prices of food on the shelf. The sub-disciplines of this field of study include marketing, financial management, economics, business management, policy formulation, accounting, rural development, extension and environmental economics

Agribusiness Management

Agribusiness Management is perfect for people who have a passion to work as a leader in the agricultural industry. It merges economics, business and agriculture. Research can be done in various areas within management, including agricultural sales and marketing, international market development, finance, public relations, food manufacturing and distribution, and the agricultural-input industry.

Agricultural Policy

Agricultural policy as a research field is concerned with the relations between agriculture, economics, and society. It focuses on governmental interventions in input and output markets, trade, resources, marketing and distribution of food products.

Agricultural Extension

Agricultural extension, also known as advisory services, is broadly defined as the process of development of agricultural knowledge and skills amongst farmers, aimed at increasing their productivity and realising other desirable changes. The agricultural extension and advisory service systems assist in disseminating farming and management skills.

Rural Development

Rural development research focuses on social and economic activities taking place in rural areas. It generally includes issues related to agriculture, land, water and climate change in developing countries. Since most of the world’s poor still live in rural areas, this field of research is important for the eventual elimination of poverty.

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