Oxford (UP) Centre for Religion, Public Life and Security in Africa

Religion, however one defines it, has, since the dawn of creation, whether consciously or otherwise, been a vital cog in providing meaning to life for humanity. Much research has been attempted to study religion within different scientific fields such as history, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics, and so forth. Expanding from these scientific approaches to studying religion, the approach then began to phenomena such as secularisation, medical science (physical health, mental health, neurotheology, etc.), law (freedom of religion, Sharia, etc.), politics and ethics (just war theories, social life actions). Some of the later developments began to include interreligious and intercultural dialogues, which sought to find answers for better harmonious societal cohesive coexistence between adherents to religious beliefs and culture.

The Oxford (UP) Centre for Religion, Public Life and Security in Africa (OCRPSA) is a significant role player to support and advance academic research and to contribute to knowledge about the impact of religion in all areas of society, particularly public life and security, and to train leaders to engage with public life issues from a theological perspective. Although the main focus of the Centre is vested in research on and within the context of Africa, the involvement of the global society and how it influences the continent of Africa is included.

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