Welcome to the Department of Private Law

The University of Pretoria's Department of Private Law

Welcome to UP's Department of Private Law.
The department is responsible for teaching several of the core subjects in the LLB curriculum. The main subjects that are taught are Family Law and the Law of Persons in the first year, Law of Succession, Law of Contract and Legal Pluralism in the second year, Law of Things, Intellectual Property Law and Law of Delict in the third year and Private Law in the fourth. The Department also takes responsibility for teaching the following electives in the fourth year, namely Private International Law, Law of Damages, Trusts and Estates, Education Law and Child Law.

At postgraduate level the department presents LLM coursework degrees in the Law of Contract, Child Law, Estate Law and Family Law. There is also an LLM in Private Law which presents students with an opportunity to choose from various interesting subjects in Private Law to obtain a coursework degree.

The Centre for Child Law and the Centre for Intellectual Property Law resorts under the University of Pretoria's Department of Private Law.

Members of the department are also involved in the presentation of short courses. Prof Steve Cornelius presents the certificate course “Drafting of Contracts" through Continuing Education (CE@UP) at the University of Pretoria.  Prof Birgit Kuschke presents the course “Legal aspects of Project Management” in the Programme in Project Management through CE@UP.

The Department prides itself on its teaching and research achievements. In 2014, Prof Linda Schoeman-Malan received a prize for innovative teaching. Prof Johan Scott was awarded the prestigious Von Humboldt Stipendium and he and Prof Trynie Boezaart have on various occasions been appointed by the University Council as Exceptional Academic Achievers.

For more information, questions or queries regarding the University of Pretoria’s Department of Private Law, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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