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Museums are good things, places to look and absorb and learn.
— Alan King

University of Pretoria Museums

University of Pretoria Museums

Museums are, in a way, the cathedrals of the modern world, places where sacred issues are expressed and where people come to reflect on them. A museum is also a kind of bridge between the academy and the public.

—Jay Winter

University of Pretoria Museums


UP Arts manages and curates vast art and heritage collections that are held at various university locations. The museums carry out objects-based research, manage permanent exhibitions, conduct daily collections management and perform vital conservation of these collections.

Furthermore, the museums provide teaching and learning support to academic departments, students and faculties. The four keystone museum collections that are unique to the University of Pretoria comprise of a vast South African and European art collection, ceramic, sculptural and an archaeological collection. The University of Pretoria's museums are members of the South African Museums Association (SAMA), International Council of Museums (ICOM), African Council of Museums (AFRICOM) and University Museums and Collections (UMAC).


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