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Industry visit

Industry visit


The EBIT Week is a four-day holiday programme presented by the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology (EBIT) biannually for learners in Grade 10, 11 and 12. Prospective students are offered this hands-on opportunity to obtain information regarding all the disciplines offered in the School of Engineering and the School of Information Technology.

During this event, learners are introduced to the practical as well as the theoretical aspects in order to help them make sound career choices. As part of the programme, learners also obtain industry exposure on site or off campus.

The two EBIT Weeks are presented in the Easter and winter school holidays respectively:

  • First EBIT Week: 3 April - 6 April Engineering and the Built Environment programmes. Closing date: 12 March
  • Second EBIT Week: 8 July - 11 July - Engineering and Information Technology programmes. Closing date: 18 June


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Ms Emly Mathe/EBIT Mentors
Tel no: 012 420 2482/2400
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