Admission Policy


TuksSport High School is a secondary school and only learners for Grade 8 to 12 may be enrolled at the school. 

The school exists to meet the needs of developing athletes, regardless of race and religion, and who are members of recognised TuksSport Academies. 

As TuksSport High School is a sport school, strong emphasis is placed on the development of independent learning. 

Learners admitted to this school are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct, and to sign the Learner’s Agreement.  Parents/guardian of a learner admitted will be required to sign the Parent’s Agreement. 

It is understood that this school follows a firm but fair disciplinary policy.  The disciplinary task will have to be completed within the time prescribed.  No learner will be excused. 

This is an independent niche school and parents should recognize that the quality of education provided at this school has to be paid for.  There is a moral understanding and contractual agreement amongst the parents/guardians / federations of the school that they will pay fees. 

Any fraudulent statement or information in an application will result in the rejection of the applicant. 

The following apply: 

  1. A learner must have met the requirements for promotion into the grade for which application is made. A foreign learner may be given credit for studies completed in a foreign country.  Applications from Grade 12 learners will only be considered under exceptional circumstances. 
  2. The age of a learner may not be three years greater or lesser than the average age of the grade for which application is made. 
  3. There will be no unfair discrimination against any applicant. 
  4. Non-citizens and exchange students may be accommodated provided they are in possession of valid temporary or permanent residence permits, official refugee status documents or study permits. 
  5. A material fraudulent or incorrect statement, whether with the intent to deceive or not, made by the applicant or her parents/ guardian/federation, will render the application null and void. 
  6. Applicants must present for an interview with the principal, as well with: 

    a. The Sports Manager
    b. Functional Movement Unit
    c. Sport Psychology Unit  
    d. Sport Specific Units.   

  7. Learner athletes should meet the minimum criteria as specified by the various sports codes, Functional Movement Unit and should display several characteristics as profiled in the Shadow Match test. 
  8. Admission to the school is subject to a consensual agreement between the various assessment groups (see # 6) 
  9. Admission tests may be administered to learners requiring entry to the school.  
  10. Learners’ annual re-admission to the school should not be considered automatic and will be reviewed by a panel consisting of the principal, coach and academy manager. 
  11. Learners who fail to show commitment to their school work may be refused readmission, and may, during the course of the year, be banned from training and competitions until such time that he or she has caught up work, or shows a more positive attitude to school work. 


1. The current valid school and academy application forms must be submitted online via the TuksSport High School website:  The learner’s latest School Report and Sports CV must be uploaded on this online application form.  The Principal will accept or decline the School Report and the Sports Manager will accept or decline the Sports CV.

2. The required supporting documentation must be attached.  Once approval has been received from the Principal and the Sports Manager, the application process may continue and all the relevant interviews may be scheduled.  

3. Once a learner has been accepted, a deposit should be paid to keep the learner’s place.  This deposit is non-refundable should the learner decide not to come to the school. 



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