1.        Respect:

·         Mutual respect amongst house members.

·         Respect for one’s personal belongings.


-     The house committee members should set an example by showing respect to one another as well as to the first years.

-      Respecting quiet time and study time.


2.        Responsibility:

·         First years are to take care of their possessions.

·         Taking responsibility of their academics.


-          First years are encouraged to hire safe from the residences co- ordinator.

-          Always keep their doors lock and windows closed when they are not in their rooms.

-          Make sure they utilize study time, quiet time as well as utilize any other free time towards academic needs.

-          House members are encouraged to make use of student affairs to aid them with their academics or any other personal issues they encounter.


3.        Pride:

·         Tuks Naledi has been continuously acknowledged for its academic achievements, as we are currently the third best academic residences.

·          We pride ourselves in the facilities that we have.

·         The house members pride themselves in the house itself.


-          All house members are encouraged to make use of the in-house tutors to full capacity in order to reach and maintain the maximum academic achievement.

-          Tuks Naledi has impressive facilities; therefore, students are urged not to commit vandalism for instance, not to sit on the balcony and to refrain from using windows as entrances. 

-          House member wear Tuks Naledi uniform every Wednesday as well as for house meetings.


4.        Accountability:

·         House members should be liable for their own actions whether it is academically, residences or socially related.


-          House members are encouraged to make use of the spiritual and well-being HK (at res ) as well as clinical psychologists on campus .

-          For further academic assistance, students should be accountable to consult with the academic HK, as well as tutors at res and on campus.

-          For residence accountability, house members should at all-time keep to the discipline code as stated in the TuksRes guide in addition to the Tuks Naledi house rules.


5.        Commitment:

·          House members will need to be committed in order taking part in extra curriculum activities, such as sports and cultural activities, in res and on campus.

·         Prerequisite for academic success of all the house members.


-      The house members will continuously be motivated about commitment, by the HOR, the HK members as well as   external successful people in the in the respectful fields.

-      The house members will all be motivated by the personnel of the University of Pretoria, department of academic exclusions and appeals, to notify the students about how crucial and important commitment is, for academic success.

-      House members will also be encouraged, about commitment, by former Tuks Naledi students who have successfully completed, and those still busy with, the 4 year programme.



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