2017 Projects


Project Hlumelelisa tackles socio-economic problems by helping communities solve their own
problems. The reintegration into society of a large number of ex-offenders leaving prison and
re-entering society is a growing concern, due to the unemployment and social exclusion that meets them once released from prison, and factors largely towards their high rates of recidivism.
By using agricultural training and practices to empower them, as well as their communities, we effectively succeed in bringing a lasting solution. 

Agriculture is a growing industry that is key to uplifting our society through social, environmental and economic empowerment; therefore, we have increased our scope as Project Hlumelelisa such that we delve deeper into agriculture in order to bring about a greater impact. In the process of increasing our scope, we partnered up with Journey to Life (a farming cooperative at Mabopane) and secured work agreements with them in order to allow the Hlumelelisa graduates to work on their farm. 

Fruitful Living

Fruitful Living is concerned with three main objectives: providing a solution to ending food waste; doing so in an environmentally sustainable manner; and providing empowerment and employment for women in impoverished areas of South Africa. In partnership with the Tshwane Fresh Produce Market, and Vastfontein Community Transformation, Fruitful Living seeks to set up a dried fruit and vegetable business in the community of Vastfontein.

 The business will empower unemployed women from the community, whilst using the fruit and vegetables which usually go to waste at the Tshwane Market to supply a healthy snack to consumers. 

ZaMa Lesedi

Many communities in South Africa are burdened with the reality of having little to no access to electricity. Households in these areas have no choice but to use expensive, 

unsustainable and often dangerous forms of lighting such as candles.

With the vision of social entrepreneurship, we saw the opportunity to combat both the need for lighting and unemployment through the introduction of ZaMa Lesedi.

We have designed and developed a low cost, safe and sustainable light which is powered by solar energy. The objective of the project is to train the cooperative in the community ton how to build the light and run the business.

KF Brands

Based in Rustenburg, KF Brands recycles tyre tubes into handbags and travel bags that are fashion forward, trendy, and yet timeless. Tyre tubes are brought in, washed, cut, and used as material for the various bags.

Our mission as EnactusUP is to help grow KF Brands, to help manifest the positive impact on the environment and people. 

By tackling both customer development and supply chain aspects of the project, we believe this strategy will elevate KF Brands to reach its greatest potential.​

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