Research Publications


  • RO-001122, Specifying and sustaining pigmentation patterns in domestic and wild cats, C.K. Harper. (
  • RO-003754, Extraction of nuclear DNA from rhinoceros horn and characterization of DNA profiling systems for white (ceratotherium simun) and black (diceros bicornis) rhinoceros,  C.K. Harper. (
  • RO-004993, Prediction of the optimal time for insemination using frozen-thawed semen in a multi-sire incrimination trial in bitches,  D. Steckler. (
  • RO-007570, The carrier prevalence of severe combined immune deficiency, lavender foal syndrome and cerrabeller abiotrophy in Arabian horses in South Africa, A.J. Guthrie. (
  • RO-009923, Evaluation of micro-satellite markers for population studies and forensic identification of Africa lions, S. Miller (
  • The Tiger Genome and Comparative Analysis with Lion and Snow Leopard Genomes, Cindy Harper, Susan M. Miller et al. (







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