TuksTennis Rules Gautneg East Open

Posted on September 06, 2013

TuksTennis Rules Gauteng East Open

Eight TuksTennis players entered the Gauteng East Tournament, producing spectacular results over the last two weekends in August.

It was an all TuksTennis men’s doubles final where TuksTennis players Llewellyn Cox and Byron Kacnik were defeated by TuksTennis players Christopher Stanford and Reuben Gerber. Christopher and Reuben proceeded to the finals only to face tough opposition –TuksTennis players-Lance Cohen and Reinhardt Trollip. The end result, Lance and Reinhardt defeated Christopher and  Reuben (6-3 6-0)

TuksTennis  players also had a lot of success in the men’s singles. Reinhardt Trollip made Quarterfinals, and Reuben Gerber lost in the semi-finals against Lance Cohen who defeated Lloyd Segul (6-4 6-0).

TuksTennis also had success with ladies singles and doubles. Shannon Cox making finals in both events.

Despite a few very cold and windy mornings, TuksTennis proved again that they are busy ruling the South African circuit.

Published by Erhardt Maritz

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