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Primary Aim

To promote Taxation as a module in general and to provide support to all students of Taxation in the University as best we can.


To be of assistance to members who need help with their taxation modules and to provide a link between the students and the Department of Taxation. We also strive to offer Academic events and opportunities to students to better there university experience and equip them with additional skills in the workplace.


Tax @ Tuks goal here, is to provide students with the opportunity to contribute back to the community by engaging in various outreach programmes. We do this by either engaging in charity projects or alternatively through sustainable community development projects.


Tax @ Tuks aims to bring taxation students together in a social environment, providing them with the opportunity to have a well-rounded student life and to have fun outside of the textbooks. In this way we also give students the opportunity to meet new people, network and make connections which will be of benefit to them in their chosen career paths.

Develop Leaders

Tax @ Tuks strives to provide opportunities for hardworking and committed students to gain experience in leadership through leading other students. We also aim to always recognise achievement and innovative thinking, in any relevant form.

Public Relations

Maintain long-term relationships with SARS, The National Treasury, SAIT, Taxation firms, UP Taxation department and the Courts in order to allow graduates to familiarise themselves and make connections in the Industry.

Join Tax @ Tuks and learn about the benefits of being involved in a student society! We are here to cater for you, the taxation students of the University of Pretoria!

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