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 The Outreach Portfolio, a sub-committee of the Student Disciplinary Advisory Panel, is a dedicated and transformative committee striving to make a world of difference.

With the plan to successfully execute an array of outreach opportunities throughout the year, our goal is centred on the premise of uplifting and empowering the underprivileged community within our Pretoria surrounds.

As the members of the Outreach Panel are law students, awareness to the presence of inequality and unjust circumstances is of high regard – and it is because of such that the panel strives to mitigate these issues within the community through building long- lasting relationships and the promotion of the notion of Ubuntu.

The main focus of the Outreach Panel during semester one was that of a blanket drive and fun day at a Children’s’ home in Pretoria. Through the partnership with Students for Law and Social Justice, we were able to raise 40 blankets for the Children’s’ home. During the drop off of the donations, the committee spent the afternoon playing games and sharing an authentic fun day experience with the kids at the home. This opportunity was a huge success, and alongside the Junior Jurists, fun was had by all.

Junior Jurists 

The Junior Jurists, consisting of current law students, are members of the Outreach Panel who are tasked with aiding the Outreach Portfolio in the brainstorming and execution of outreach projects. Through the participation within the Outreach Panel, the Junior Jurists receive the opportunity to improve their collaboration and team work skills, as well as aid in giving back to the community at large through different service opportunities. The Junior Jurists are individuals with great time management skills, and are proud members filled with innovation and zeal. Furthermore, they possess the heart and passion for outreach as a whole. 

- Author Boipelo Ramodike


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