MA (Audiology) (Code: 01250025) &

MA (Speech-Language Pathology) (Code: 01250024)


To view the admission requirements for the MA (Audiology) or MA (Speech-Language Pathology) degrees: 


Upon completion of MA (Audiology) or MA (Speech-Language Pathology) degree, the student should demonstrate:

  • extensive knowledge of a selected area of specialisation within the field of Communication Pathology;
  • critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, the ability to integrate information creatively and to formulate a personal approach
  • the necessary knowledge and skills to enable the planning of scientific research
  • the ability to execute planned research according to the requirements of scientific research
  • the ability to evaluate the theoretical and clinical significance of the research findings
  • scientific report writing


PhD Audiology (Code: 01264615) &

PhD Speech-Language Pathology (Code: 01264612)


To view the admission requirements for the PhD Audiology or PhD Speech-Language Pathology degrees: 


Baseline requirements of doctoral candidates are that they are able to research a topic thoroughly by acquiring information from a variety of resources and by integrating this information convincingly by:

  • making use of methods of data collection that are appropriate to their disciplines;
  • presenting a logical and coherent argument relating to their research topics;
  • presenting their arguments in a recognised and acceptable format ;
  • making an original contribution to knowledge in the chosen field;
  • meeting international standards of scholarship.

Against this background, specific outcomes for the doctoral programme in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology are formulated as follows:

  • Doctoral graduates must clearly demonstrate an understanding of the scientific and professional literature in communication sciences and disorders that underlie the areas of concentrated study.
  • Doctoral graduates must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the scientific process and of the knowledge and research skills needed to apply that process to the generation of new knowledge and new applications of knowledge.
  • Doctoral graduates must demonstrate the ability to report the research process and results of the scientific enquiry, both theoretical and empirical, in a cohesive and scientifically acceptable format for dissemination within the broader scientific community.

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