Dr. Mia le Roux



Senior Lecturer: Speech-Language Pathology


Academic Qualifications


HED Guidance 

BA Honours (Applied Linguistics - African Languages)

MA (African Languages) 


D. Phil (Linguistics)


Current Subjects

Linguistics; Applied Linguistics; Articulatory Phonetics; Acoustic Phonetics; Language Acquisition; Phonological Awareness; Phonological Awareness and Literacy Acquisition; Second Language Learning and Teaching. 


Academic and Professional Membership

Member - Linguistic Society of Southern Africa 

Member - African Languages Association of South Africa

Task Team Member - Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) - Language and Culture: Speech Therapy


Research Interests

Phonological Awareness and Literacy Acquisition

Assessment of English Additional Language Learners 

Verbal Working Memory in Second Language Reading Comprehension

Acquisition of Afrikaans Segmental Phonology

Cross Linguistic Processing 


Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Papers

  1. Le Roux, M., & Le Roux, J. C. (2008). Towards an acoustic assessment of Setswana vowels. South African Journal of African Languages28(2), 156-71. 
  2. Groenewald, T., & Le Roux, M. (2009). Semantic and metaphoric reflection on the training of decentralised staff responsible for supporting students in terms of work-integrated learning: A distance education university scenario. Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education10(2), 121-40. 
  3. Le Roux, M. (2012). An acoustic comparison: Setswana vowels versus the cardinal vowels. South African Journal of African Languages32(2), 175-80.
  4. Le Roux, M., & Geertsema, S. (2014). Fonologiese uitvalle: Ondersteuning vir Tweedetaalleerders. Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe54(1), 96-110. 
  5. van der Merwe, A., & Le Roux, M. (2014). Idiosyncratic characteristics of the sound systems of the South African Bantu languages: Research and clinical implications for speech-language pathologists and audiologists. South African Journal of Communication Disorders, 61(1), 1-8. 
  6. Fyvie, L., Anderson, J., Kruger, C-J., Le Roux, M., & van der Linde, J. (2016). The outcome of a developmental screening tool (PEDS) in English and Northern Sotho: A comparative study. Language Matters47(3), 415-26. 
  7. Le Roux, M., Prinsloo, D., Jordaan, H., & Geertsema, S. (2017). Phonemic awareness skills of English second language learners. South African Journal of Communication Disorders64(1), 1-9. 
  8. Geertsema, S., & Le Roux, M. (2017). Persoonlike klankversterking vir 'n onderwyser met stemprobleme. LitNet Akademies Jaargang14(1), 60-86. 
  9. van der Merwe, M., Cilliers, M., Mare, C., van der Linde, J., & Le Roux, M. (2017). Evaluation of a Zulu translation of the Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status. African Journal of Primary Health Care and Family Medicine9(1), 1-6. 
  10. Morrish, T., Nesbitt, A., Le Roux, M., Zsilavecz, U. L., & van der Linde, J. (2017). Sounds affecting the moment of stuttering in multilingualism: A case study. Communication Disorders Quarterly38(3), 154-60. 
  11. Jones, G., van der Merwe, A., van der Linde, J., & le Roux, M. (2018). Development of a Setswana tonal minimal pair word list as research tool. South African Journal of African Languages38(2), 127-35. 

Contact Details

Room 3.1-1

Department of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology, Communication Pathology Building

Tel: (012) 420 2381

Email: [email protected]


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