Workshop on Hydrological Forecasting Systems

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The main theme of this workshop is the development of new and enhancement of existing science-based methodologies to predict regional water balances, and particularly river flows, over a range of temporal scales, from days to seasons. Such forecasts form a basis of the so-called "Ready-Set-Go" flood management approach. In this approach, reliable predictions of a forthcoming severe flooding season can put the population and flood managers in a “Ready” mode, triggering increased attention to medium-range ensemble flood forecasts (up to 14 days). The outcomes of the latter may "set" updating contingency plans and actions sensitising the community under threat to flooding. Near the time of the potential flooding impact, based on short-range weather forecasting for the next 48-hours, appropriate actions (“Go”) can be taken directly to lessen societal impact and the cost of recovery, for example evacuations. This “Ready-Set-Go” approach has in fact been put into action during flooding events in West Africa. During the workshop we will discuss the current state of the art of flood predictions in South Africa and consider means how the local scientific community can become involved with the development and improvement of the “Read-Set-Go” philosophy for applications in southern Africa and beyond.

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