From a “BRICS-Centric” to a “BRICS-Infused” world order

Posted on March 20, 2024

On the 12th of March, the Ocean Regions Programme (ORP) in the Department of Political Sciences hosted a roundtable discussion on a “BRICS-infused world order”. This discussion featured a presentation by Sanusha Naidu, a senior researcher at the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD), and Dr. Yu-Shan Wu, a researcher of the ORP, who acted as a respondent. The discussion was followed by a vibrant debate in which several key questions and points emerged. The following op-ed (find link below) details the main points made by both Naidu and Wu and ends with a reflection on some of the key points that emerged during the discussion. 

- Author Maxi Schoeman and Daniela Marggraff


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