Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation

The term ‘governance’ indicates the complexity of decision-making processes in contemporary political and economic affairs. As opposed to the more traditional ‘government’, the idea of governance presupposes a fragmentation and diffusion of authority. Due to economic, social and cultural dynamics, no government nowadays can simply govern ‘alone’. It is bound to share ‘bits and pieces’ of authority with other entities, from non-governmental organizations to regional institutions and private corporations.

Studying governance innovation means looking at the vast field of how decisions are taken in public institutions, private companies and civil society organizations to identify new ideas, processes and initiatives. Moreover, it implies favouring an open debate on the new frontiers of governance and the potential evolutions of our societies.

The Centre for Study of Governance Innovation (GovInn) is the first research institution in Africa dedicated entirely to governance innovation. It focuses not only on cutting-edge research, but it is also an ‘innovation laboratory’ capable of generating new thinking about governance processes and attract governance innovators from all over the world. In short, GovInn is an intellectual ‘inn’ for innovation in governance.


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