Public lectures on solar energy and photosynthesis, 23-26 September 2019

Posted on September 16, 2019

A public lecture series on Solar Energy and Photosynthesis will take place from 23-26 September at 17:30 at Sci-Enza.



The present global energy demand of approximately 17 TW is predicted to
increase twofold by 2050 as the result of population and economic growth.
Africa’s energy demand will probably be the highest of all continents. The
challenge in fulfilling in a sustainable way our high demand for energy is not
one of an inherent lack of available energy. In fact, the amount of solar energy
reaching the earth’s surface in one hour is more than mankind’s energy demand
for an entire year. The solution is already found in nature: photosynthesis is the
only process that converts solar energy into chemical energy on a massive scale.
We have reached a stage in mankind’s history where scientists know the intricate
details of the photosynthetic process sufficiently well to use the underlying
design principles as inspiration for solar energy technologies.

In the first two lectures, leading scientists from Germany and Poland will explain
some remarkable aspects of solar energy conversion in photosynthesis and
organic solar cells, while the last two lectures will showcase various projects
where solar energy technologies have been successfully implemented in
Southern Africa.

More information in the attached pdf file

For more details on the talk by Prof. Osyczka on Monday 23/9, please click here

For more details on the talk by Prof. Guldi on Tuesday 24/9, please click here

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Please note that pre-registration is required for logistical purposes and for arranging access to campus for persons not affiliated with UP. Link for registration:

Please contact Prof. Tjaart Krüger ([email protected]) for any questions.


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