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Easy Java Simulations (EJS)

The department of physics has started an initiative to make use of and implement Easy Java Simulations. This follows after a workshop on "Computational Modeling with Open Source Physics (OSP) and Easy Java Simulations (EJS), presented by Prof Wolfgang Christian (Davidson College, USA) and Prof Francisco Esquembre (Univ. Murcia, Spain) during July 2011.

A South African users group committee was started during the workshop, to encourage, assist and share the use of EJS among a larger community of local users. The main objectives of the committee is therefore to:
  • Encourage the use of EJS for physics teaching purposes.
  • Encourage the development of new or changing of existing EJS programs for our own educational needs.
  • Encourage the development of new models which could be publishable in quality educational journals.
  • Contribute to the existing database of EJS models on the Compadre database system.
  • Share ideas, methods, and models that can be used directly in physics teaching.
  • Act as a platform for various users to collaborate and share resources, experience and assistance.
A private South African EJS users group have been created on the Compadre system, for which local participants or others interested, can register and be part of discussions , to distribute documents

A list of reference articles on EJS and its uses have been compiled, and can be found here.

A list of links are also available here, for some additional information and resources.


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