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Name Office Telephone Email Address Research Area/Title
Auret, FD NS1, 5-6 012-420-2684 danie.auret Electronic Materials & Thin Films
Booth, R       Radio Astronomy
Bredell, L NS1, 5- 012-420-2787 [email protected]  
Chabangu, G NS1, 5-36     Messenger
Chakraborty, P       Atomic collisions in solids, SIMS, RBS, XPS, XTEM, XRR, MBE
Chetty, N NS1, 5-54 012-420-6204 Nithaya.Chetty Theoretical & Computational Solid-State Physics
Cilliers, L NS1, 4-16 012-420-4168 Laetitia.Cilliers First-year Practical Coordinator
Diale, M NS1, 5-7 012-420-4418 Mmantsae.Diale Electronic Materials & Thin Films, Solar Energy
Duvenhage, R NS1, 5-48 012-420-2790 Rocco.Duvenhage Mathematical Physics
Friedland, EKH NS1, 5-17 012-420-2453 [email protected] Nuclear Materials
Grayson, D       Physics Education
Gries, W     [email protected] Cognitive Physical Science
Hlatshwayo, T NS1, 5-59 012-420-4777 Thulani.Hlatswayo Nuclear Materials
Janse van Rensburg, PJ NS1, 5-2 012-420-3507 Johan.Jansevanrensburg Electronic Materials & Thin Films
Janse van Rensburg, C NS1, 5-4 012-420-5135 Claudia.Zander Quantum Information Theory
Joubert, D NS1, 1-27 012-420-6806 Danie.Joubert Mechanical Technician
Krüger, TPJ NS1, 5-24 012-420-2508 Tjaart.Kruger Biophysics
Langa, D NS1, 5-22 012-420-3132 Dolly.Langa Nuclear Materials
Legodi, M NS1, 5-5 012-420-4413 Matshisa.Legodi Electronic Materials & Thin Films
Machatine, AJG NS1, 5-57 012-420-2459 Augusto.Machatine Group Theory
PC(M), F223 012-842-3536
Malherbe, JB NS1, 5-66 012-420-2455 Johan.Malherbe Surface Physics
Manyala, N NS1, 4-6 012-420-2908 Ncholu.Manyala Carbon Technology & Materials
SC2, 1-36 012-420-3549
Moloi, J NS1, 5-36 012-420-2455 Joan.Moloi Departmental Secretary
Meyer, WE NS1, 5-44 012-420-2637 wmeyer Electronic Materials & Thin Films
Motsoeneng, J NS1, 4-8 012-420-4967 Ghobosheana.Motsoeneng First-year practical coordinator (Mamelodi)
Nel, J NS1, 5-11 012-420-3580 Jackie.Nel Electronic Materials & Thin Films, Optical Characterisation, Scanning Probe Microscopy
Odendaal, Q NS1, 5-51 012-420-3903 Quintin.Odendaal  
Prinsloo, L       Optical Characterisation
Rakitianski, S NS1, 5-53 012-420-3173 Sergei.Rakitianski Quantum Few-Body Theory
Selyshchev, P NS1, 5-70 012-420-6641 Pavel.Selyshchev Complex Systems
Shithlane, S       Workshop Assistant
Smith, J       Electronics Technician
Theron, CC NS1, 5-36 012-420-2455 Chris.Theron Ion Beam Analysis
Throop, H       Planetary Astronomy
van den Heever, A       Technical Assistant First-year Laboratory
van Staden, J NS1, 5-18 012-420-2470 Johan.VanStaden  
Zoubos, K NS1, 5-15 012-420-5781 kzoubos Theoretical High Energy Physics


NS1: Natural Sciences 1 Building, Main Campus

PC(M): Physics and Chemistry Building, Mamelodi Campus

SC1: South Campus 1

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