Surface Analysis Facilities

Auger Electron Spectroscopy

The Auger spectrometer is geared for broad spot analysis and depth profiling using a differentially pumped ion gun. The most attractive feature of the system is the sample holder designed for investigating the effect of ion bombardment on materials.

The following parameters can be studied:

  • Variation of ion energy between 0.5 to 5 kV
  • Angle of incidence of the ions.
  • Ion fluence
  • Ion flux
  • Variation of the ion species (noble gas family, H2, O2, N2)
  • Temperature of substrate from –100°C to 800°C
  • Rotation of the substrate during sputtering

Atomic Force Microscopy

Electron Microscopy

Two SEM (Scanning electron microscopy) systems are available. A JEOL 5800 with EDAX facilities and a high resolution (6 Å) JEOL 6000. A TEM (Transmission electron microscope), Phillips 301 is also used to study the structure of thin films.

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