2 MV Van de Graaff Accelerator

The model AN-2000 Van de Graff accelerator – manufactured by High Voltage Engineering Corporation, Burlingtion, Massachusetts, is a 2 MeV source of positive ions. In typical application the accelerator produces an accelerated beam of ions which is intense, homogeneous, of known energy and of predicatable direction and dimension. The beam is also stable and controllable over a wide range of energies. Ions accelerated are H+ and He+ and beam currents up to 100 uA can be obtained.


The one beamline is dedicated to RBS, NRA and Channeling experiments.Two detectors, a 5cm EG&G Ortec high purity intrinsic germanium coaxial photon detector at 127º and a 5 inch Bicron NaI-scintillation detectors at 90º are used.

In our 2nd beam line we have installed a closed-cycle helium cryostat, which allows implantations in semiconductor materials with high energy protons or α-particles at low temperatures between 20 and 370 K. In situ electronic characterization such as Current-Voltage, Capacitance-Voltage and Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy can be conducted.


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