Complex Systems

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  Group leader: Prof. Pavel Selyshchev



The following projects and bursaries are available:


Post-doctoral: R 140 000 bursary

  • Stochastic effects in crystal under irradiation
  • Formation of track structure by swift heavy ion irradiation Interaction slow highly charged ion with materials

Doctoral: R 80 000 bursary

  • Radiation-induced growth of second phase in binary alloy
  • Delayed damage of organic and other complex molecules under and after irradiation
  • Condensation of drops in irradiated steam

Masters: R 50 000 bursary

  • Delayed damage of complex polymer molecules under and after irradiation
  • Modality of stationary states of irradiated materials
  • Self-organization of point defects under irradiation

Honors: R 25 000 bursary

  • Peculiarities of creep temperature dependence in irradiated materials
  • Radiation-induced damage of simple polymer molecules
  • Self-oscillation of crystal temperature under irradiation

All projects have a theoretical in nature and can be implemented as MSc and PhD. Separating them is arbitrary. To perform them are requires to know analytical methods of Theoretical physics, computer simulation methods and computer methods for mathematical computations.


Appeal to students
Dear Postgraduate students! All projects are easily performed step by step. First, understand the physics of the phenomenon, use proposed literature. Then understand what each term of basic equations means. Analyze the equations and find their simple solutions (stationary or homogeneous). Classify them as to type and stability. Plot the phase trajectories and establish other types of solutions. Use a computer system or graphing calculation to construct a phase plane portrait that illustrates your conclusion. Make the necessary calculations. Now you know everything about evolution of complex system which you research. Make conclusions and get excellent mark!

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