Optical Characterisation

Group Members

Dr Mbuso Mlambo

Dr Jackie Nel


A variety of different projects are carried out using the Raman and Infra-red spectrometers available in the department. Many of these projects form part of interdisciplinary research groups with other departments and institutes.

A selection of current projects include:

  • Raman characterization of Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAM's) and their application in Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering
  • Raman characterization of SiC irradiated with neutrons and irradiated with neutrons (Physics)
  • Characterizing carbonaceous materials through their Raman spectra (Carbon group)
  • Determining the effect of anti-cancer extracts on single blood cells through their Raman spectra (Plant Science)
  • The investigation of Ta, Nb, Zr and Hf oxides, fluorides and oxyfluorides (Necsa)
  • Fundamental studies on bisphosphonates used in bone cancer treatment (Chemistry)

raman microscope




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Dr Mbuso Mlambo

Dr Jackie Nel

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