Physics Education Research



Various aspects of physics education research as well as study opportunities are available. 

Research projects would focus on the following aspects:

  1. Exposition of Physics ideas and concepts to be understood on similar standards by all.
  2. For projects and studies in M Sc, Honours in Physics must have been achieved after B Sc with Physics as a major.
  3. Doctoral studies are available to students who have satisfied the MSc level in any Physics category.
  4. Research and investigations are done among students in classes and lecture halls, teachers in in-service organisations and indigenous communities of the country both rural and otherwise.
  5. Numerous, although not necessarily all, studies will be done trans-culturally along languages, outlooks and African perspectives.


Projects that are available in this research group include the following: 

  1. Comparing performance of students from mainstream Physics 1 and extended program Physics 1 as they study together in final semester.
  2. Lightning and Thunder: Indigenous outlook against scientific perspective.
  3. Electromagnetic Induction: Fields in “empty spaces”. How freshmen understand the concept.  
  4. Understanding lightning dangers, protection and safety among students.
  5. Difficulties in comprehending how unseen waves are captured to yield radio and television sounds (heard) and figures (seen).
  6. Investigating how first years understand how a fridge is “heated” to develop frigid temperatures – how low can temperatures go?

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