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Keolebogile Mbebe is a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pretoria. She is currently studying towards a PhD in the Department of Jurisprudence at the same university. She is a two-time recipient of NRF study grants and a recipient of the award for the most meritorious Masters study in the faculty of Humanities at the end of her Masters studies at the University of Johannesburg. Her most recent publication is the journal article Whites Cannot Be Black: A Response to Xolela Mangcu. The title of her PhD is Tracing the Doctrine Of Discovery in the Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act: Truth and the Question of Historical Justice. The main themes of Ms Mbebe’s research centre around issues of justice, race, emotions, moral philosophy, philosophy of law, and history. Mbebe is a founding member of the Azanian Philosophical Society (APS), a multi-disciplinary social sciences and humanities association. The APS is a vehicle for the promotion and development of African philosophy and autonomous African philosophical thinking in the social sciences. Prior to her work in the academy she has been an award-winning journalist and a communication officer for the University of Johannesburg’s Centre for Social Development in Africa. She is the founder and convenor of a black women interuniversity PhD writing circle.


Ms Keo Mbebe Research Interests and Supervision Expertise


  • Metaethics and ethics:
    • what is ethics? What makes a good ethical theory? What is ethical reason? Are ethics just about rationality? What is justice? What are the conditions for justice? What are the different kinds of justice?
  • Epistemology:
    • What is rationality? What is knowledge? What is truth? What are good reasons to believe?
  • Philosophy of Race:
    • what is race? Is race real? What are the conceptual issues involved when discussing race?
  • Philosophy of Emotions:
    • what is the relation between emotions and rationality? What is the relation between emotion and ethics? How do moral psychology and moral philosophy relate? Are there such things as moral emotions?
  • Philosophy of Law:
    • what is philosophy of law? How are justice and law related? Can law bring about justice?
  • Philosophy of History
    • What is history?
    • What are historical methods?
    • What is the relationship between the past, present and future?


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